Free talk: How to use big data


Free KTN Event: The Value and Challenges of Big Data for Business Decision Making: Hype versus Reality
School of Management, The University of Bradford, Emm Lane, Bradford, BD9 4JL
Date: Monday 4 February 2019
Registration: 5.30-6:00pm
Evening Speaker: 6:00-7:30pm
Followed by networking and refreshments. Speakers: Abhijit Sharma and Dr Sankar Sivarajah


There is a vast amount of digital information available to us, through our access to online resources. A number of government and private organisations provide huge amounts of data to users on an almost continuous basis. In addition to this, there are firms and organisations which are able to collect a range of context specific, commercial, pricing and demographic data for a very large number of users including behavioural and geographical data, which is capable of being analysed on a large scale to enable better firm level decision making and potentially higher sales, revenues and corporate profits.

This workshop aims to provide a context for such data generation, collection and archiving, as well as technical issues relating to analysis of such data in aid of decision making. We will also cover potential ethical and regulatory minefields as well as the potential for severe reputational damage in case of abuse of or loss of data.





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